Who is Jude Matias??

It Is What It Is

Who is Jude Matias??

Jude’s Words of Inspiration

I had no idea where I was going when I began doing what I do; quite frankly I don’t recognize the voice that comes from within I just know that there is a message I have to send out. People to remember, things to fight for and a reason to give for those who have no where to turn. I stand firmly by all that I have done so far and I am excited at doing more.

Thru the transition as I make my way to the other side, what I am discovering is a world that is unexplored and untouched by hurt and regret that is slowly transcending into something bigger than I could ever imagined.

Tattered, tired and beat are no longer words that describe me. In fact an email I once received was from someone special that shared how much those words I…

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