What is an Empath



It’s a word we see a lot on this website, and I think it’s more complicated than just “the opposite of a psychopath”. An empath is not some flawless, mystical creature – always falling victim to predators and manipulation. We have many good qualities, but we also have a lot of difficult qualities. Some of these, of course, lend us to being vulnerable, but like anyone else, we are capable of growing, learning, and balancing ourselves. 

These are some qualities I came up with a while ago. I would love to see others add to the list:

– Idealistic, romantic, and imaginative

– Extreme dislike of conflict & criticism

– Need for praise and positive affirmation

– Difficulty leaving a bad relationship

– Focus on good memories, even when the present moment is not good

– Compassionate to others, not always compassionate to the self

– Forgiving to others, not always forgiving to the self

– May tend to romanticize qualities in their partner that don’t actually exist

– Naturally understand the insecurities of others, and seek to make them feel better

– Strive for win / win situations

– Driven to meet the needs of others

– Understand and appreciate others’ need for space

– Flexible & easygoing

– Difficulty communicating concerns, for fear that voicing negativity makes it “real”

– High respect and loyalty for their partners, often ignoring flaws and focusing only on their best qualities

– Associate sex with emotions, not as a purely physical act

– Often surrounded with negative, energy-draining types. Unaware of toxic influences, and instead seek to cheer them up.

– Seek out lifelong partners, interested in the long term

– Committed to proving loyalty, always trying to build trust

– May put self down in order to compensate for partner’s insecurities or shortcomings

– Feels the greatest degree of happiness when making others happy

– Warmly enthusiastic about animals and children

– Fascinated by battles of good & evil. Justice/truth seekers.

– Surprising contrast between apparent external submissiveness and actual internal strength

– Lifelong quest for harmony, peace, and love


3 thoughts on “What is an Empath

  1. This is the best definition of an empath I have ever come across. I have many of them but not too many. I am the idealistic dreamer who follows the wind and gives herself to the Universe. Thanks for share. Very interesting and well done. Hugs, Barbara

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