My Baby


Sometimes he says something so wise and profound I look at him and realize that he is growing up, yet most the time I just see him as my baby.

I love watching him grow in his ability to think and understand and to see his originaity and spirit shine through. Evan is comfortable in his own skin. He marches through the world like the world was made for him to discover, and explore. He is the captain of his ship. He is confident and bright, warm and loving, stubborn as a mule, but gentle and kind. He puts spiders back outside rather than kill them, which is a source of conflict between us because my thought is the only good spider is a dead one.

He loves music and dancing.

He is passionate about My little pony and the color pink.

He sets traps for the Sasquatch in the backyard, and more than anything wants to see a real live mermaid.

He believes in magic.

He believes that anything is possible.

He is all those things wrapped in joy.


I love my baby boy.


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