A picture for today ……..

It Is What It Is

A picture for today ........

This one has a very special meaning for me … a friend posted it on Facebook and I had to “steal and share”.

This illustration, to me …. and interpretations are different for every individual ….. shows the duality in me. And I think, in view of the experiences life has given by during my “growth” as a human being, that there are plenty others who can identify with the concept of “duality”.

There are really “two” of me …. the one that I really am …. and the one that I portray to be.

The one that I really am has dark “secrets”, strong emotions, convictions, beliefs … that I don’t want others to see. Why? Maybe because I learned, early in life, that it wasn’t “right” to feel that way ….. selfish, sad, uncaring, aloof, angry, upset, unsatisfied …..

The other me is the happy, involved…

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