Love is a numbers game?

I heard that said and I was taken aback. Numbers Game?


Wouldn’t that be crazy that a simple formula could help you navigate such messy complex emotions?  Black and white, rather than uncertainty.

To win at any numbers game you have to play.

You have to put yourself in the pot over and over.

You do what you can to increase your odds.

Staying when love is not present, lowers your chances.

“YES, but it might come back.”

NOT good betting odds.

Its like having a half smoked cigarette. Most of us will lite a new one rather than to re-lite one. It never tastes the same when you do. What are the odds of a half smoked cigarette ever tasting the same? ZERO.

Bad numbers.

If a situation doesn’t feel right instead of listening to Jason Mraz  “I wont give up.” and convincing yourself that there is something romantic about holding on and trying when everything is stacked against you, ask yourself if its something that BOTH people are working to fix. If the answer is no, all the devotion in the world is not going to work. You can’t love someone enough for two. It’s not possible.

Let go.

Meet people. Talk to them. Open yourself up to meeting,
“The One”

The law of probability is on your side at this point.

YOUR name is once again in the pot.

Yep, love is a numbers game. The only way you lose is to bet against yourself.




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