The Ocean and the Moon

I feel you ….said the ocean to the moon.
You bewitch me so.
The Ocean pounded purposefully against the shore.
The moon smiled sadly
her argent prism danced softly in the air.
The ocean rolled greedily to capture the light.
her waves reaching as high as they could reach.
Ever constant Earth reminded the ocean of where she belonged.
“But Mother” the Ocean cried “My Beloved is in the sky”
Mother Earth held tightly as ocean pounded her sorrow on the sand.
“If I let you go, all will be lost” Mother Earth whispers
So great the oceans need she roared her fury, rising higher and higher.
Need does not supersede destiny.
The Moon sought to assuage the Oceans pain.
“I alone witness clandestine lovers seeking shadow the night provides, and
I am not bereft of longing.”
Purpose is greater than pleasure.
The Ocean still did not understand
The stars shone brightly around the moon.
The Ocean wished desperately to be a star.
Century’s came and went; however;
the reaching had grown playful and she danced in the shimmering light.
She did not need to touch the moon, to know the moon was there.
The Moon was happy and shone brightly upon the Ocean.
“Love has many forms” said Mother Earth. “It is not limited to being fulfilled
or defined by its manifestation”
“Love is constant and unchanging needing no intention.”
The Ocean understood, happily she embraced the fish that swam in her deep,
the life her existence provided. She knew her purpose.
Wise with time, the Ocean was at peace with her destiny,
but through all infinity she never stopped reaching for the moon.
By Radonna Hill

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