My thoughts melted, my center was liquid.

changing, bending, becoming.
not restricted by design or reason.
I danced inside you.
Everything, and Nothing.
Complete Freedom,
Bound by no earthly law.
I became great and small.

You divided, and defined me.
Placed me upon a shelf.
“Look at my Love” you said.
Contained inside your box,
my power became yours.
I grew still and silent,
hardened and rigid,
I forgot to dance.

Then you called upon my power,
once vast as the ocean.
I stood still molded by your design.
“You’ve changed” You said sadly
“Where is your power to thrill and fill me?”

I cried as you walked away,
my tears flowed like a river.
I dissolved inside them.
my thoughts melted,
my center again liquid.

I was free.

~Radonna Hill



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