I Just Need You

Just like sunshine, dries the rain

Standing in your truth, I breathe again.

When I’m weary, aching, raw,

you help me find the reasons,

I see them all.

Reason to hold on,

Reasons to stand.

I’m not alone now.

I have a friend.

Shadows can’t hide

in an open heart.

Before you,

I never got that part.

You are redefining everything.

Dimensions to joy

I’ve never dreamed.

So when I struggle,

and leave myself behind.

The map I trace,

in you I find.

You make it easy to surrender.

to trust in the unknown.

I’m happily lost in the love you show.

When nothing else is certain,

When nothing else is true.

I don’t need guarantees,

I just need you.

~Radonna Hill







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