Love Is Eternal

She wasn’t rich. She wasn’t famous. Her brilliance was known only to those she doctored with her self taught medical skills and to those she loved so much.



Even 17 years after she died, her love is still the base of everything I am.

She was a mother to many, no matter how many people were in her world she had this way of making you feel like you were the most important part of it.n1116751051_30122026_9367

She will always be part of the love that I am able to give my own children and someday to my own grandchildren.


I see her in my Mother.


I see her spirit in the kindness my children show to others.


Death takes so many things.

My children will never have memories of her. I will never get the chance to tell her all the things that I have learned about life since she’s been gone.


The one thing that death can’t steal is the love. It lives on long after our time on earth is finished. It continues to grow and evolve.

In this temporary life, love is eternal.

So love with all your heart.

Don’t hold back because you are afraid.


Forgive always.

There is no wrong so great that love can not cover it.

In the end it is the only thing that matters.

Happy Mothers Day Rebecca Ruth Ferrell.

I am so grateful to have been loved by you.


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