Long after the music stopped, and the lights went out,
Memory sat in darkness.
She was not afraid, the night was not unkind.
She tried to stand, but was too weary.
A light shone in the distance.
She knew she must go. She just did not know how.
She noticed pinned to her clothes were trinkets she had picked up along her journey.
They are awfully heavy, she thought.
One by one she started to unpin them.
She discarded them by importance.
Anger was the heaviest, so she pulled it off first.
Encouraged by how much lighter she felt she pulled off another.
Fear came next followed by Bitterness.
She gladly pulled off Desperation and Need.
Expectations had several little disappointments attached to it.
Memory was amazed, when she threw it down she was suddenly able to stand.
Her steps were slow and hesitant as she walked towards the light.
The others were harder to choose from.
She held on a while before she let dreams slip through her fingers.
Ambition, Desire, Happiness,
She was so sure she may need those things.
Joy, Faith, Patience, Peace.
They had always served her so well.
She arrived at the light holding only Love, and Hope.
“You can only keep one” she was told.
Memory turned around and looked down the path she had traveled.
She looked at all the things that use to matter and the things that she had carried that had not.
Without further hesitation Memory tossed hope with all the others.
Pulling her shoulders back she walked forward with ease,
as if she was floating on air.
Love glowed warm against her chest as she became the light and the light became her.
Everything else was left forgotten.

by: Radonna Blake



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