House of Sorrow

Promise lived in the house of Sorrow.
She’d been there longer than she wanted.
Tears burned here, and
the silence echoed.
She slept under blankets of pain.
She carried the weight of memories around all day.
She worked hard for Sorrow,
but Sorrow never seemed to be finished.
She wanted to leave this place.
She called Justice to her, to plead her cause.
“Its not fair” she cried
“No,” Justice said sadly “It is not fair”
Promise waited for Justice to act, but he stood solemnly still.
“Its not fair” she cried louder.
Justice just shook his head.
Promise sat down and pulled her pain around her.
She felt suffocated from the weight of it.
The liar danced by her window.
“Justice, why can he dance?” she asked mournfully.
“The dance of fools is always a merry one” Justice said.
Promise thought hard about what Justice had said.
“He is broken in a different way?” she asked realizing the truth Justice had shared.
Justice smiled and took Promise by the hand.
He led her outside into a garden where she saw herself.
“Thats me” she cried.
Justice touched his finger to his lips
“This is your future” he whispered.
Promise saw herself bathed in light and holding on to the hand of the most beautiful person she had ever seen.
“That’s Wisdom” Justice said.
“You met him through Sorrow”
Promise face fell
“I didn’t like Sorrow” she said.
“Few are able to let Sorrow work with them, they resist her and avoid her calls,but the end result is this”
Justice raised his arms indicating the beautiful garden they were standing in.
“What is this place?” Promise asked suddenly aware of the beauty surrounding her
“This is your soul, Sorrow helped you design it”
Justice took her hand and led her back into the house.
It didn’t seem as dark as it had before and the memories felt so much lighter.
Promise smiled at Justice.
“At first I thought you didn’t care” Promise said remorsefully.
Justice patted her on the back.
“Its okay Promise,” he said “My work is a lot like Sorrow’s,
only evident over time when all the pieces come together”
Promise saw the Liar again dancing in the distance.
her heart did not ache as badly as before.
“Justice, what will happen to him?” she asked.
Mercy stepped into the room.
Her presence was warm and light.
Justice looked surprised.
“Promise called me” Mercy said softly.
Justice broke into a huge smile.
“The Liar lives in his own prison”
Promise said realizing it for the first time.
“Its not less than he deserves” Promise reasoned.
“No” Justice agreed
“I wish him free” Promise said softly
Mercy nodded her head and suddenly
they were all standing back in that beautiful garden Justice had shown her.
The house of Sorrow had disappeared and joy and peace surrounded her like clouds.
Forgiveness welcomed her through the gates.
Promise began to dance.
She danced with Wisdom and Grace.
Forgiveness and Mercy watched happily.
Another broken promise had found her way home.
By: Radonna Blake

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