The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over,

but expecting a different result.

I’m guilty of it I think everyone is. I hold on till my hands bleed.

As long as there is hope, I give my all.

I think sometimes hope is confused with want.

You want something so bad you convince yourself that there is hope.

Hope may feel like want. It has the same roots in desire, but its a very different thing.

Hope says try again tomorrow. Get up when you fall. Believe in better things. It is the voice that allows you to let go of things that hurt knowing that better things are beyond it.

Want is a choice you make.

Want is drug. It traps you. It imprisons you.

Want is the enemy of Hope.

When the thing you want causes you to destroy yourself over and over.

When it keeps you on the same ride knowing every up and down and how it all will end.

Want becomes toxic.

Aren’t you still scarred from the last go round?

Aren’t you still raw as the sores on the face of a meth addict?

Want is an addiction.

Hope is freedom.

Hope is letting go and not being afraid.

Hope is being able to see past the pain.

Past the person causing the pain.

Hope is the memory of every time you have picked yourself up and went on.

I choose hope. I will always choose hope.

The things I want do not control me.

Nothing ever will, I am free.

I am free because I choose it.

I will continue to choose it, because when I am reaching, want never reaches back. It always leaves me aching.

Oh but hope does.

Hope chooses me every time.


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